Green Drain™ - the floor drain trap seal of the future

The idea behind Green Drain™ is simple: to provide a product anyone is able to use, that is easy to install and maintain, that is self-cleaning, and effectively blocks insects, odors, bacteria, and viruses from entering the indoor environment through the drains.

  • Green Drain™ Trap Seal

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Green Drain™ Trap Seal

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Green Drain is used in floor drain bodies or within floor channel strainers to seal the opening to block smells, sewer gases, and pests from entering through the floor channel grind.

Green Drain is comprised of four flexible silicone sealing ribs ensuring simple installment into drains that have varieties in size.

Green Drain will open to allow drainage and immediately close once the water has stopped flowing.

Green Drain can be utilized in either new development or as a retrofit applications in houses, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants...