Drain Protection

Drainage technology is an area that has evolved very little since the advent of modern plumbing. However, buildings are getting bigger and the volume of matter we now push through these pipes is stressing the pipes out. The volume of drainage blockages has increased. Waste disposals and macerators are flushing solids. Commercial kitchens are washing away fats and fat solids. The pipes haven’t increased in size, but the volume of content flowing through them has. Many buildings are also going ‘green.’ Low flush toilets are installed. Water-saving devices on taps, showers, and even energy-efficient boilers are installed. Going Green ignores the original design of modern plumbing. Gravity and WATER push content through the pipes.

When you reduce the water in a drainpipe and increase the content, the following happens:

This leads to back-ups, flooding, drain flies, and more infiltrating the living/workspace through the drains.

Dry Traps:
This causes the airflow to reverse direction – instead of going down the drain, it moves into the living/work area. Germs spread. It can lead to pathogen spread. Viruses such as NORO and SARS can spread quickly through the pipes and out the drains.

Sewer Smells:
When the airflow reverses, sewer gas odors travel back into the living/workspace through the drains. Sewer gas contains highly toxic substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. These gases are extremely flammable and exposure can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, and irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract.

Green Drain™ is an economical Drain Trap Seal Device that allows water to flow down the drain while preventing Pests, Odors, and Harmful Gases/Pathogens from infiltrating the living or work space.

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