Green Drain™ 2''
Green Drain™ 2''
Green Drain™ 2''
Green Drain™ 2''
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Green Drain™ 2''

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A new solution to an old problem. Green Drain™ one-way valves provide a seal to eliminate odor and pest issues from drains.

Green Drain™ is an eco-friendly solution to drainage problems and eliminates the need for chemical-based treatments.

Green Drain seals are quick and easy to install and are available in 7 sizes for 1.5'', 2", 2.5'', 3", 3.5", 4" & 5" external diameter pipes.

The benefits of using Green Drain™ seals include:

•     Prevents sewage gasses and odors from entering the building whilst still keeping the drain fully functional at all times.
•     Restricts sewage back-flow.
•     Pest Control - restricts breeding sites for drain flies and other drain-related insects and rodents without impeding water flow
•     Helps to prevent floor drains and traps from drying out
•     Quick and easy to install and remove – requires no sealant or tools
•     Eliminates the need for chemical treatments and is, therefore, better for the environment
•     Can be used with all 1.5'', 2", 2.5'', 3", 3.5", 4" & 5" floor drains and outlets
•     Durable, lasting solution
•     Seals tight with no leaking

Suitable for:

•     Floor drains
•     Sink drains
•     Shower drains
•     Basement drains
•     Outdoor drains
•     Condense drains
•     Pools and Gyms
•     Kitchens and laundry rooms
•     Public toilets and washrooms
•     Residential properties
•     Hospitals and care facilities
•     Schools, colleges & universities
•     Offices and commercial properties